Rhythms of Africa in schools

Rhythms of Africa is a thrilling performance of drumming, singing and story telling for school students of all ages.
In this 45 minute performance, accredited by Carclew's Playfull program, students learn about the drums used in the performance and about the way in which simple rhythms are layered to build the complex sounds typical of African music. Dada Nii is accompanied by a second drummer throughout the show.

Stories, call and response songs and simple dances are an integral part of African childhood and Dada Nii weaves these into the show to give Australia children a taste of his fascinating culture.

With highly affordable prices the performances are tailored to suit the year level of the audience (preschool to year 13). There is no limit to the number of students who may attend. Performance + workshop packages are available. Rhythms of Africa can be presented at schools all around Australia.

Dada Nii has introduced hundreds of children and adults across the UK and Australia to the joys of African culture using traditional instruments, rhythms, stories and songs. His energy and passion for his culture, and his love of teaching, shine through in all of his performances.

Workshops and other school programs

In addition to his Rhythms of Africa show, Dada Nii offers workshops in African drumming, singing and dancing. Individual and group workshops are available and drums and other percussion instruments can be provided.

 Workshops for males and females, workshops for students with special needs and an artist-in-residence program are also available.